Harrow United Church and the Harrow Ministerial have been granted permission

by the Town of Essex to use the Harrow Soccer Complex Parking lot for a drive in

worship service on the morning of Canada Day. In order to do this safely, we will

need volunteers to direct vehicles to park in every second parking spot, to

maintain safe physical distancing. 

We also need some

volunteers to greet at the

entrance to the parking lot, and

receive donations of food and

cleaning products/hand sanitizers

for the Harrow Food Bank.

All volunteers will need orange

reflective safety vests, and proper

masks or face shields.

We are also in need of a low

power fm transmitter to broadcast the voices of those speaking, as all attending will have to stay in their cars.

Apprarently, the fm transmitters are hard to come by right now! If you can help us find one to borrow for the day, please let me know!

Rev. Darrow